Young, Youth Worker

Hello. I’m Aykut Subaşi.

I’m 20 years old, and I’m the Vice President of Youthart.
Here is my way to be a youth worker.

First, I started to walk. But first, I gained some experiences about youth activities. Then, I didn’t want to be just a participant. I wanted to be a hero of projects. I decided to prepare my own projects.

Second, I needed a little more experience. That’s why I attended trainings on project cycle management. I developed myself about coordinating projects, leaadership, entrepreneurship, and language. And then I was feeling I’m ready.

Third, I started to run. I was ready, excited, motivated and young. I found an idea to prepare a project. I started to write about it.

Fourth, sometimes I had problems about my works, projects, technical things while working on projects. But I never stopped. Because I knew these obstacles are here to make me stronger. I overcame obstacles and continued.

Fifth, if you want to be a youth worker, you need to be flexible. That’s because sometimes you need to change your way to be more successful.

Sixth, sometimes you must be serious, hardworking and even sleepless. You should feel that you must do it. You need to show yourself and work harder. At this times, you must keep calm and run faster!

Seventh, Action! Show people what you can do.

Eighth, I know, you must take a rest for a while. Please rest well because new works are waiting for you. Even harder ones.

Nineth, I always thank to my supporters as they are the source of my motivation.

Tenth, did you rest as well? So, start to walk again and run faster!


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About The Author
- Youth Art Research and Training Association, based in Istanbul, is the Turkish partner of the project.