The 5th International Citizen Media Award

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International Citizen Media Award 2015 honours creative film and radio producers15 years ago the European community of states disbanded the aims of the Millennium Development Goals. For these aims a deadline until 2015 was set. Therefore now the findings and proceedings are being evaluated and new aims for the next years will be set.
The European Union assesses this year to be especially suitable to discuss the European development assistance and the position of the EU as well as its member states considering global development and sustainability policy.
The European Parliament and Council declared the year 2015 to be the “European Year of Development”. The topic of this year’s Citizen Media Award was chosen parallel to the slogan of the year 2015. Citizen media make people from all over the world more sensitive for a global association and an active engagement.

The winners will be awarded on December 12th 2015 at the Citizen Center Bennohaus in Münster (Germany). The award is presented by the Federal Association of Citizen Media and Media of Education e.V. (Bundesverband Bürger- und Ausbildungsmedien e.V), the Citizen Center Bennohaus (Münster, Germany) and the European Youth4Media Network e.V in cooperation with the Bundesverband Offene Kanäle. Private producers of non-commercial audiovisuel products had the chance to send in their submissions in the categories video and audio until the 30th September 2015. A jury of experts in radio and television hands of prize money up to 1000€. The event will begin at 8 pm in the Bennohaus in Münster. The entry is free.

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