profile_Turker Ozdil_photoDestroying is so easy, but building is so hard. Yes, it’s so hard but it’s yours and your baby now. Good or bad. It’s created something by you. So I preferred to create. I didn’t prefer to retreat, give up and stop. I want to win both little and essential things. I want to be happy. And I’ll be. Forever me. I’ll be still me.

I usually have a different lifestyle compared to the rest of the society because I was born as a sensitive baby since I have aniridia, which is an illness bringing visual impairment. I am a disabled individual having %10 visual ratio. Therefore, I interpret the life that I see in a different way from everyone. In this manner, I search different ways for survival. And I find a way every time. But survival has a different meaning for me. Survival is meeting, recognizing, realizing, discovering, saying thank you, thinking, developing, running, walking, and knowing. I think we should survive for our spirit.

 Name & Surname: Turker Özdil

Nationality: Turkish

Country of Residence: Turkey

Date of Birth: 09/11/1990

Education: Student at Kadir Has University / Public Relations and Publicity

Experience: I’m an active member for my university’s Debate, PR, EU Clubs.  I worked as the General Secretary at Youth Art Research and Training Association for four months. I have been a Board Member of this NGO for more than 3 years. Therefore, I have skills and working experience about volunteering and international projects. I’m also a media trainer in the Community Media Center in Istanbul through “Citizens Media for Intercultural and Political Dialogue” project. I have worked as Social Media Product Specialist at Akampus Youth Marketing Agency for 2 years. Therefore, I have worked on youth and media sectors for more than 3 years. I have theoretical and practical knowledge about event organizations and advertising. I founded and managed to Youthlympic, a youth organization initiative, together with a partner nine months along. But, I failed. And I’m interested in poetry and have been writing poems, a lot of screenplays and short stories since 10 years old. I think I’m a creative person. I would like to specialize on sports marketing and communication. I’m writing some articles for sports media and events. I have participated in 7 international projects on various subjects: media, youth participation, active citizenship, youth work, human rights, alternative and sustainable lifestyles, environment and so on.

Software knowledge: Social Media Advertising strategy, Management of account strategy, Creating a corporate identity, Publicity with media channels, Interpersonal communication, Online journalism, Blogging, Marketing strategy (sports, products, events, brands, accounts), Content management.

Fields of interests: Sports Marketing and Media, Advertising and Marketing in New Media, Digital Media and Mobility, Public Relations and Publicity

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