The project is financed by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey under the Civil Society Dialogue Programme administered by the Ministry of European Union Affairs and the Central Finance and Contracts Unit within the Civil Society Dialogue Between EU And Turkey–III Political Criteria Grant Scheme (CSD-III/PC).

The project contract number is TR2010/0135.01-01/034

The total budget of the project is 145.952,45 Euro. %89,97 of the total budget, 131.313,42 Euro is financed within the funding bodies mentioned above. %10,3 of the total budget, 14.639,03 Euro is contributed by the project owner and partner organizations, Bennohaus, AKO and European Youth4Media Network, both based in Germany.

Within the project, 8 people in total, 6 from Germany and 2 from Turkey, are recruited with regular salaries through the project as the human resources. There are technical, administrative, support staff members. Also, there is a significant amount of budget for travel and per diem costs of participants, which makes up a significant part of the human resources of the project. In total, the budget for human resources is 92.902,00 Euro.

As the project includes mobility activities such as trainings and conferences at international level, there is a budget of 8.400,00 Euro for travel costs.

The ultimate outcome of the project, Istanbul Community Media Center, also makes up an important part of the budget as equipment and supplies costs. This is 23.800,00 Euro in total.

Finally, there are some additional costs such as for local activities, accounts, audit, publications, server and other indirect costs, which makes up the total 20.850,45 Euro.

All in all, the total budget of the project is 145.952,45 Euro.


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