Murat Akbıyık’s Speech in Midterm Conference on 7th May 2015 in Münster

The Midterm Conference of the project was realized on 7th May 2015 in Münster, Germany. Murat Akbıyık represented YOUTHART as the Turkish partner of the project. He gave this brief speech summarizing the process of the project.

It was rainy day in İstanbul when we took the very first steps into our project “Citizens Media for Intercultural and Political Dialogue”. Since that stakeholders kick off meeting and conference on 15th November 2014, 6 months have passed. We had some hard times, stressful days to deal with bureaucracy and project management issues. And, it was in winter when we met the second time in Münster for the “train the trainers” media training course in February 2015. Then, we started to get more into the theme of Citizens Media. We gained further expertise on how to create quality media to promote intercultural and political dialogue. It was already March on calendar when we launched our online multimedia platform, which has been a very significant milestone in our project. Then, it is spring time to enjoy the bright bloomings of our project, and we are here to share what we have done, what we are to do further and how to foster intercultural and political dialogue through citizens media, which is the most solid tool of the public to build integrated societies in the future.

The very first steps of this project were actually taken here in December 2013. I still remember handing in the partnership documents and exchanging ideas to develop the project application for the call of Civil Society Dialogue III Political Criteria Grant Scheme. The official application and evaluation took quite a long time, and we were all new to Turkish bureaucracy…

Yes, looking at the process more in details and statistics item by item:

We aim to:

  • open a Community Media Centre in İstanbul.
  • create an Online Multimedia Platform (this website)
  • organize a series of international media trainings (4 trainings, 2 in İstanbul, 2 in Münster), conferences (3 conferences, 2 in İstanbul, 1 in Münster), and local media workshops (mostly in İstanbul). The project will last 15 months in total. We started in October 2014, and we will continue until December 2015.

Up to now:

  • We had the 1st media training in İstanbul in November 2014.
  • We had the Stakeholders Kick Off Conference in İstanbul in November 2014.
  • We had the 2nd media training in Münster in February 2015.
  • We launched the website, Online Multimedia Platform in March 2015.
  • We are now in the Midterm Conference in Münster.
  • The 3rd media training in going on meanwhile here in Münster.

We will open the İstanbul Community Media Centre in July 2015, and we will have a lot of media activities there involving at least 120 local participants.


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Murat Akbıyık’s Speech in Midterm Conference on 7th May 2015 in Münster

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