The project will have media activities varying from trainings to conferences, local workshops to online multimedia platform and finally opening a community media center in Istanbul.

The ultimate aim of all the activities are to build the infrastructure of the community media center in terms of human resources as media trainers and technical equipments to be used through the project.

The project started in October 2014, and will last till December 2015.

Below is the schedule of the activities:

– “Train the Trainer” media training course in Istanbul, 13-20 November 2014. (See photos)

– Stakeholders Conference in Istanbul, 15 November 2014. (See photos)

– Train the Trainer” media training course in Munster, 07-14 February 2015. (See photos)

– Launching of the Online Multimedia Platform (, 31 March 2015.

– Midterm Conference in Munster, 07 May 2015.

– “Train the Trainer” media training course in Munster, 06-13 May 2015.

– Local seminars and workshops in Istanbul and Munster, June – December 2015.

– “Train the Trainer” media training in Istanbul, November 2015.

– Final Conference in Istanbul, November 2015.

– Opening of “Istanbul Cummunity Media Center”, November 2015.

– End of the project, 31 December 2015.


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